Step by step guide

Planning a healthcare trip from Africa to India involves several crucial steps to ensure a smooth and successful journey:

  1. Medical assessment and diagnosis: Consult with your local healthcare provider for a thorough medical assessment and diagnosis. Discuss treatment options and the possibility of seeking medical care abroad.
  2. Research and selection: Research Indian hospitals, clinics, and doctors renowned for your specific medical condition. Look for facilities accredited by international healthcare organizations. Alternatively you may Contact us
  3. Contact Pranaheal: Reach out to Pranaheal for assistance and guidance. Our Health Expert will guide you and assign you a Relationship Manager for your entire journey. Share your medical reports and conditions to initiate the planning process.
  4. Treatment and travel plan: Work with Pranaheal's healthcare experts to determine the most suitable treatment plan. Plan your travel dates and duration of stay in India.
  5. Visa application: Apply for a medical visa to India. Pranaheal can assist with this process. Ensure you have all required documents, including an invitation from the Indian hospital.
  6. Flight and accommodation: Book your flights to India, considering your treatment schedule. Pranaheal can assist with flight bookings and provide options for accommodations.
  7. Finances and insurance: Calculate the estimated cost of treatment, travel, accommodation, and other expenses. Explore healthcare financing options or insurance coverage. We make sure you get the most affordable medical treatment with superior healthcare in India.
  8. Communication and connectivity: Upon arrival in India, Pranaheal's team will provide you with a local SIM card for communication during your stay. Pranaheal's team will assist you with local transportation arrangements, ensuring a hassle-free transition from the airport to your accommodation and hospital.
  9. Navigating cultural considerations: Understanding local customs, traditions, and etiquette can enhance your experience in India. Pranaheal's team will provide you with cultural guidance and tips to help you navigate India's rich cultural landscape. We'll assist you in making arrangements for cultural experiences or sightseeing tours, allowing you to explore India's heritage and attractions during your medical journey. Our team can provide information on local cuisine and dietary preferences to ensure your meals align with your preferences and dietary requirements. Pranaheal's relationship manager will be your cultural liaison, offering insights into Indian culture and customs, making your stay more enriching and enjoyable.
  10. Arrival and check-in: Pranaheal ensures a smooth arrival with complimentary SIM cards and a week of stay in a partner guest house. Complete necessary hospital admissions and consultations.
  11. Treatment and recovery: Follow your treatment plan and medical recommendations. Pranaheal's relationship manager remains available 24/7 to address your needs.
  12. Caretaker support: If you have a caretaker, ensure they are well-prepared for your journey and have a visa for India.
  13. Departure and follow-up: Upon completion of your treatment, plan your return journey. Keep all medical records and follow-up instructions. Your dedicated Pranaheal relationship manager will remain available not only throughout your treatment but also for aftercare, ensuring continuous support and assistance.

By following these steps and working closely with Pranaheal, you can effectively plan your healthcare trip from Africa to India and ensure a successful medical journey.

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