Dr. Vivek Vij, Liver Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Vivek Vij, Liver Transplant Surgeon
Designation Director - Liver Transplant & Hpb Surgery
Specialty Liver Cancer Treatment, Liver Transplant
Experience 20+years
Department Liver disease
Hospital Name Fortis Hospital Noida

With 20+ years of experience, Dr. Vivek Vij is a renowned liver surgeon in India known for his expertise in Liver Transplantation & Hepatobiliary Sciences. He has conducted 4000+ liver transplants with minimal complications and is the Director of 'Liver Transplant and Gastrointestinal Surgery' at Fortis Group of Hospitals.

Dr. Vivek Vij pioneered living donor surgery and safety protocols for a 100% donor safety profile, published a series of laparoscopic Donor Hepatectomy, and initiated successful liver transplant programs. He aims to elevate liver transplant research and patient care through regenerative medicine and advanced surgeries.

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