Dr. S K Rajan, Spine Surgeon

Dr. S K Rajan, Spine Surgeon
Designation Associate Chief - Neurosurgery And Neurospine
Specialty Spine Surgery
Experience 15+ years
Department Nuero/Spine
Hospital Name Artemis Hospital

Dr. SK Rajan, an accomplished spine surgeon at Artemis Hospitals, boasts a prestigious 'AO International' certification as a Certified Spine Surgeon, a testament to his exceptional expertise in the field. Garnering knowledge from renowned global institutions, he possesses a comprehensive and diverse perspective on spine surgery.

Dr. Rajan is celebrated in the realm of National Neurosurgery for his pioneering techniques that effectively treat intricate spinal disorders. His contributions have not only set higher standards for spine surgery but also earned him reverence within the medical community. As a dedicated member of Artemis Hospitals, he continues to introduce cutting-edge advancements and invaluable experience to ensure top-quality patient care, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of spine surgery.

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