Pranaheal's Unmatched Exclusive Benefits

Largest Healthcare Network

We've curated an extensive network of prestigious hospitals and leading doctors across India, backed by strong relationships within the medical community, ensuring access to the finest medical care.

Quarterly Follow-up Calls

Experience comprehensive care with our Quarterly Follow-Up Calls. As a part of our exclusive benefits, this service ensures ongoing support from your treating doctor after returning home, adding a special touch to your healthcare journey.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Rest assured, you'll receive competitive and transparent pricing for your medical procedures, enabling well-informed decisions without any hidden costs. Our assistance services, including support, guidance, and coordination, are completely free.

Free 7-Day Stay

Experience comfort for you and your family with a complimentary 7-day stay, making your medical journey more convenient and worry-free.

Triple Expert Opinions

We ensure the best diagnosis by seeking opinions from three experts, offering you a comprehensive and reliable assessment of your medical condition.

Round-the-Clock Dedicated Support

Your dedicated relationship manager is available around the clock to assist you with any queries or needs, ensuring a seamless experience throughout, from providing medical visa assistance to coordinating your stay.

Free Video Consultation with Treating Doctor

Experience peace of mind with a free doctor video consultation before your visit to India. Discuss your concerns and treatment plan in advance. We prioritize your well-being by seeking three expert opinions for a comprehensive treatment decision.

Complimentary Hospital Room Upgrades

Choose from stay options tailored to your preferences and budget, ensuring your comfort and convenience during your medical journey. Enjoy complimentary hospital upgrades, subject to availability, for an enhanced hospital experience.

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