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Sami Murtala's Photo

Sami Murtala

Residence: Nigeria

Treatment: Hip Replacement Surgery

"I traveled from Nigeria to India for a hip replacement surgery facilitated by Pranaheal, the most affordable and outstanding medical value travel company. Dr. Atul Mishra at Fortis Hospital, a true expert, provided exceptional care. From getting multiple opinions before finalizing the Doctor to seamless arrangements, Pranaheal exceeded my expectations. The entire experience was smooth, and I'm now pain-free, grateful for their support in regaining my mobility. Highly recommended."
Oxilia Shave's Photo

Oxilia Shave

Residence: Zimbabwe

Treatment: Valve replacement

"I embarked on a journey from Zimbabwe to India for a critical valve replacement surgery, guided by the exceptional services of Pranaheal, a premier medical value travel agency. Dr. Ajay Kaul, one of India's most esteemed cardiac surgeons at Fortis Hospital, provided extraordinary care. Their meticulous planning and medical expertise exceeded my expectations. My health has been restored, and I'm profoundly grateful for their role in this life-changing experience. I wholeheartedly endorse their services!"
James's Photo


Residence: Nigeria

Treatment: Liver Cancer Treatment

"In my pursuit of liver cancer treatment, I found salvation through Pranaheal's exceptional medical value travel services. Dr. Jalaj Bakshi, a highly skilled surgeon, orchestrated my life-saving surgery, while Dr. Rajat Bajaj expertly oversaw my chemotherapy. Their unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication surpassed all expectations. I'm profoundly grateful for their pivotal roles in my recovery and wholeheartedly endorse Pranaheal's services."

Chijioke Obodozie

Residence: Nigeria

Treatment: Kidney transplant

"I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Pranaheal for their invaluable support in my journey from Nigeria to Fortis Healthcare, India, for a life-saving kidney transplant. Dr. Anuja Porwal's expertise and compassionate care were instrumental in my successful treatment. Pranaheal truly made the impossible possible, and I will forever be thankful."

Your trusted companion for affordable healthcare in India